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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Difference (3) -- Leadership

I think Shawn Graham should be Premier of New Brunswick.

Media profiles like to portray the two leaders in a "Felix and Oscar" light. One guy has a detailed knowledge of programmes, but no clear values -- the other has a broad set of values and a team to work on the details. One guy is smooth at the podium and shy one-on-one -- the other is a charmer working the room but uncomfortable with formal speeches.

I know them both, one better of course, but I will say that they are both people who deserve better than to be made into a cartoon character. They each, in their way, have strengths and a sincere desire to do what is right.

But here's the tiebreaker for me.

The Tory campaign is mostly about where we are. They say it's pretty good, and if we just keep on going, it will all be fine.

Bernard Lord sees a Premier as running to be a smart guy who will make good decisions when something lands on his desk. He will deal with whatever comes up. Life will throw us challenges, and he sees the Premier as the guy who will handle it.

Shawn's campaign is about what we could be. It's not that things are awful, but that there's a better way beyond what we see in front of us.

He sees a Premier as someone who encourages new ideas, takes chances and tries new things.

If you present each with an idea, Lord will ask "Why should I do this?" Shawn will ask "Why haven't we done this?" One sees himself as a bulwark against bad decisions, the other sees himself there to push good ideas.

If they were hockey players, Lord would be off to the side, waiting for the puck to come to him, confident that it will and he'll know what to do. Shawn is a guy who will dig in the corners, forecheck and take some risks if it means scoring another goal.

As I see New Brunswick today, we've got to go dig out that puck and control the play. Shawn Graham should be Premier.

That's my last word. I'll blog after you have yours.



  • At September 21, 2006 11:22 PM, Anonymous Wendy said…


    Fantastic comments and insites on your blogs. It's refreshing to find an MLA that has his finger on the pulse of the public needs. I also can't help but enjoy your keen observance of the "inaction" of others who have been in a position to make a difference and have... well... not.

    Congrats on your victory and, on a personal note, I couldn't be happier that New Brunswick is, once again, Liberal.

    Keep up the good work. I have no doubt that you will.


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