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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Difference (1) -- The Riding

Another new attack flyer from the opponent today.

My opponent has a final attack line. I have "too many ideas". She's counted 100, apparently. She says "Kelly Lamrock's ideas are confusing".

I will freely admit that my opponent cannot be accused of confusing people with too many ideas. Most of her stuff appears to have been drafted by the central PC campaign, praising the past work of the government. I cannot find one local project she believes needs to be advanced.

And I have, admittedly, a lot of them. Tax credits for workplace literacy. Community schools to give kids activities after hours and keep them off the street. New community college programmes like high-tech manufacturing. Microcredit so small businesspeople with good ideas get a little startup money. Tuition reduction for students. Reforming social assistance to help low-wagte workers. A training centre for actors and writers to do historical storytelling at heritage sites. Tough clean air laws.

I run because I want to do something with the office. I don't just want to handle whatever comes up. That's how I am.

Here's the deal.

In politics, some MLA's don't come to office knowing what needs to be done, and what they want to accomplish. Those are the MLA's who wind up reading their party's talking points back to you, not standing up within their party.

Then there are the MLA's who listen and have a list of problems they want to solve. Those MLA's write their party's policies, shape the budgets and get stuff done.

One candidate has lots of ideas. The other finds ideas "random" and "confusing".

Once candidate says "here's what I will work on". The other says "here's what my party tells me they've done".

I can't change which one of those candidates I am. The choice is yours.


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