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Friday, September 08, 2006


Well, the debates are over. Going door-to-door I think Shawn did pretty darn well -- that's what I'm hearing even from disinterested observers.

No point in giving you my observations, really. These things are like a Rorsharch Test, you see what you want to see. That's more true since 1984. Ever since Turner froze during Mulroney's "You had an option...." tour de force, candidates are terrified to let their opponent get off the assualt of the night. So they just yell over each other.

Might be time to really mess with the debate format. Lose the talking heads and have more citizens ask questions. Make eack person have their own time to reply. Lengthen the time for a reply -- honestly, in 60 seconds all you can do is repeat a sound bite, and that masks differences in intellect and complexity between candidates. Let the citizen questionner ask a follow-up -- anything that forces spontanaeity, really.


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